How To Connect Xfinity Router WPS Pin?

Xfinity Router Wps Pin

Many wireless routers have the WPS feature, which helps you connect your wireless devices to Wi-Fi quite easily, just with the press of a button. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) works only on the WPA protected Wi-Fi network. There are two methods to connect a device to Wi-Fi using WPS – the WPS Push-button and the Xfinity Router WPS PIN methods. The standard wireless setup requires you to enter the network name and password, while the WPS method does not require them.

Read more to learn how to connect to an Xfinity router using the WPS PIN method.

  • Make sure that your wireless device supports the WPS connection.
  • Open the device’s utility or settings page and go to the network settings.
  • Under the WPS PIN section, generate the WPS PIN of the device.
  • Next, open a browser on a computer connected to the network and enter the Xfinity router’s IP address in the address bar.
  • When the router login page opens, enter the username and password of the router and click Login.
  • You can use “admin” and “password” as the username and password to log in to the router.
  • When the router setup page opens, select Gateway and click Connection.
  • Under Wi-Fi, enable the Wi-Fi Protected Setup and select Add Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Client.
  • Choose PIN Number as the connection type.
  • Now, type the WPS PIN generated on the device.
  • Select PAIR to connect the device to the Xfinity router.
  • Sometimes your device will prompt for the WPS PIN of the Xfinity router, so note the WPS PIN from the router setup page.
  • Alternatively, you can locate the WPS PIN on the router label.
  • Following that, enable the WPS PIN connection method on the device.
  • When the device prompts to enter the WPS PIN, enter the xfinity router WPS PIN and make the connection.

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