Simple Steps To Fix Xfinity Router Wps Button Flashing

Xfinity Router Wps Button Flashing

If your Xfinity router WPS button flashing for more than five or six minutes, then continue reading this page to know the reason behind it and how to fix it.Xfinity routers are designed to provide excellent speed and enhanced network coverage. The Xfinity router is one of the fastest routers, and it allows you to connect your device to a high-speed Internet connection. This router is easy to set up and use. Most of the Xfinity routers come with the WPS button. So, connection via the wireless method is simple and easy to perform. However, there are some issues encountered by the users while using the WPS button. The issue “Xfinity router WPS button blinking” is experienced by several users. If you are also facing this same issue, try the simple troubleshooting instructions given below.When you press your Xfinity router’s WPS button, the router will try to detect and connect to the device that is available within its range. The WPS button’s light flashes continuously until the connection is made. If the connection failure occurs, then the LED flashes for approximately five minutes. So, if you find your Xfinity router WPS button flashing for more than five or six minutes, it indicates that there has been a connection failure. To fix this issue, wait for the WPS button’s LED to stop blinking. After that, re-perform the connection between the router and your device via WPS.

Restart Your Xfinity Router

If the connection failure occurs again, then restart your Xfinity router.

  • First, make sure that the router’s WPS button light has stopped blinking.
  • Next, turn off the router.
  • Unplug the power cord from the router and the electrical outlet.
  • Allow the router to rest for a while.
  • After waiting for a while, reconnect the power cord and turn on the router.
  • Now, try to perform the connection setup via WPS.
  • If the WPS button’s LED is flashing again, then reset the router to fix it.

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