How To Do Xfinity Ipv6 Router Settings?

Xfinity Ipv6 Router Settings

Configure your Xfinity Ipv6 router settings, and the IPv6 is the latest version of IP (Internet Protocol). It is a protocol that allows communication and data transfer over a network. IPv6 was introduced in 1998, and it was meant to replace IPv4.

Before you go to the router settings, please consider the following conditions:

  • First, please ensure that your internet service provider has offered you the IPv6 internet service.
  • If not, contact your internet service provider to obtain the same.

To set up Xfinity Ipv6 router settings, you first need to complete the necessary physical connections as given below.

  • Connect the Internet port of your router to your modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Make sure that your modem is connected to the internet cable from your ISP.
  • Now connect your computer to your router using another Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on your modem and configure Xfinity Ipv6 router settings, router and computer one-by-one.

Once you have finished all the physical connections, continue with the following instructions to perform the settings: (Note: These steps might vary depending on the router model you use. The steps given here are for TP-Link routers)

  • After configure the Xfinity Ipv6 router settings on your computer, open the default web browser.
  • Navigate to the web-based management page of your router using the IP address of your router. In the login page, make sure to type the correct username and password of your router.
  • From the menu on your left, select the IPv6 option.
  • Now, ensure that the IPv6 toggle switch has been turned on. For the Internet Connection Type, choose the Dynamic IP option.
  • You have to go to the advanced options now.
  • For the Get IPv6 Address field, select the Auto option.
  • Now, confirm that the Prefix Delegation option is enabled.
  • Finally, you need to click the Save button to save the Xfinity Ipv6 router settings.

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