Simple Steps To Fix Verizon Router Yellow Light Blinking

Verizon Router Yellow Light

In this article, we’ll deal with the methods to fix the Verizon router blinking yellow light. As mentioned earlier, the yellow light indicates that there is no proper connection between you and the Internet service provider. So, without much further ado, we have mentioned the steps to fix the Verizon router yellow light problems with a couple of methods.

Usually, you would know that the router's lights indicate the power and the connection status on the router. When it comes to a Verizon router, there are usually a few colors that indicate different statuses. Verizon routers might be the best, but you might still face some issues while using them. There are some colors that indicate the working status of the Verizon router.

Light Is Solid Green: The Connection Is Solid.

  • Yellow light: The Internet is not working in optimal strength like it's supposed to.
  • Red light: Hardware failure.
  • Blue light: The router is in pairing mode.
  • White light: The router is booting.

Method 1: Reset The Verizon Router

Since the problem of the yellow light might also be the fault of the router, the best possible solution is to reset the router itself. This is one way to resolve the issue.

  • Make sure that the Verizon router is turned on.
  • Hold the router in your hand and turn it to its rear side.
  • Locate the Reset button.
  • Have a paperclip ready in hand.
  • Position the paper clip at a proper angle and insert it into the Reset hole.
  • Hold the paperclip for 5-10 seconds until you see the lights on the router go off and on again.
Verizon Router Yellow Light Blinking

Method 2: Check The Cables Connecting The Verizon Router

  • Always keep a check on the power cord and the cables that are connected to the router.
  • Check if the router is getting a good amount of power to work.
  • Ensure that the Ethernet cable (if connected) between the router and the computer is properly attached.
Yellow Light Blinking On Verizon Router

Method 3: Rest Your Router

  • Over a period of use, routers tend to overheat. Such cases will lead to an improper connection.
  • If you find the router body hot, let the router cool for 10-20 minutes.
  • Turn off the router from the power source.
  • Once the temperature comes down, >connect the router back to the power source.

Follow the methods as mentioned to ensure that the Verizon router yellow light issue is solved. If the problem persists, click the Call button on this page to have a word with our technical team for further assistance.

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