Simple Solution To Fix Verizon Router Wps Button Flashing Red

Is your Verizon router WPS button flashing red? Generally, the WPS button flashes when the process of connection has not been established. You cannot connect to your router every so often if there is too much Wi-Fi interference. But the flashing red WPS light indicates that there is a problem with the Internet connection. Go through the solutions given below to know how to troubleshoot the WPS button blinking issue in detailed steps.

Verizon Router Wps Button Flashing Red

Solution 1: Fix The Internet Connection Issue

  • First, check if your modem has a stable Internet connection. You can do so by connecting the modem directly to your computer via an Ethernet cable.
  • After connecting the modem and computer, open the default browser and check if the Internet connection is stable.
  • If you find the problem is with the Internet connection, contact your ISP and fix it.
  • Else, troubleshoot the router to get a stable connection between the devices.

Solution 2: Power Cycle The Router

  • With the router turned on, unplug the power cord from it.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds to let the router cool down.
  • Reconnect the power cord to your router and press the Power button to turn it on.
  • Check if all the LEDs on the router stop flashing.
  • Reconnect your wireless device to the router using WPS.
  • If your Verizon router WPS button flashing red again, move on to the next solution.

Solution 3: Factory Reset Your Verizon Router

  • Ensure that the router is turned on.
  • Next, locate the Reset button at the backside of the router.
  • Utilize a paper clip to press the Reset button. Hold the button for at least 10 seconds to restore the settings to factory defaults.
  • The router will restart automatically once the reset is complete.
  • Reconfigure the basic router settings on the router setup page.
  • Try to reconnect your device to your router using the WPS Push Button method.

Now, the Verizon router WPS button flashing red issue should be fixed. Call our tech experts for more router queries and get instant assistance.

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