How to Configure Verizon Fios Router G3100 Setup?

Verizon Fios Router G3100 Setup

Verizon Fios G3100 is a versatile router as it supports networking through coaxial cables, Ethernet cables, and Wi-Fi. It can help you to distribute digital information to multiple devices in your home and office. Follow the upcoming procedure to configure Verizon Fios router G3100 setup.


  • Unpack your router and take out the contents provided along with it.
  • Your package contains a Verizon Fios router, power adapter, Ethernet cable, and OSS insert guide.
  • To set up the Verizon Fios router, you need a computer or a device that supports Wi-Fi or Ethernet and a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Connect The Cables

  • Connect the coax cable between the coax port on your router and the coax outlet.
  • If the Internet speed is greater than 100 Mbps, connect the Ethernet cable between the WAN port of your router and the Ethernet port of your modem.
  • Connect the router to an electrical socket using the power cord. The router takes around 10 minutes to power up. When the front light turns solid while, it signifies that your router is powered up completely.

Wired Connection

  • Take out an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect one end to any LAN port of your router and the other end to your computer.
  • If the Internet speed is less than 100 Mbps, you can use coax cables for the wired connection.

Wi-Fi Connection

  • On the router’s label, you can find your router’s user name and password. Note it down.
  • On your device, search for the Wi-Fi networks and choose the Wi-Fi name of your router from the list of available networks.
  • Enter the password of your router exactly and connect your device to the router’s network.

Keep reading the given steps to complete the Verizon Fios router G3100 setup.

Complete The Activation Of Your Router

  • Before you start, connect your computer to the router’s network.
  • On your default browser, go to the router configuration page by entering the default gateway IP address of the router.
  • Now the Easy Setup Wizard will be displayed to help you to set up your Verizon router easily.
  • In the Log in to your Router screen, enter your router’s password and click on Next.
  • The Personalize your Wi-Fi settings screen will be displayed. Customize your Wi-Fi settings according to your preference and click Next.
  • Next, the Save Your Wi-Fi settings screen will be displayed; modify the settings just as you prefer. Verizon Fios router is pre-set to WPA2 encryption for enhanced protection.
  • Click Apply to save the Wi-Fi settings on your router.

Now you have successfully completed the Verizon Fios router G3100 setup process. For more assistance, call our experts and get instant solution.

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