Valet Router Problems

Valet Router Problems

The Valet router introduced by Cisco, help you to make the wireless network connection simple at homes and offices. It is popularly known for the high-speed network connectivity. Some of the Valet routers provide a flash drive with the Easy setup key, which you have to run on the computer to establish the network connection. At times the router faces problems such as connection failure, incorrect setup, or wrong settings. This makes the functioning of the router complicated. Continue reading to know the Valet router problems and the different ways to fix Valet router problems.

1. Cannot Connect To The Internet

  • When you cannot connect your computer to the internet, consider the steps given below to fix the issue.
  • Check if the network cables are properly connected to the router. If the cable ends are loose, then tighten up the ends and restart the router.
  • See if the power cable is secure on the router and make sure the cable is not damaged.
  • Still, if the problem occurs, then disconnect all the connections and reconnect the devices.
  • Use the correct and valid network SSID and password to connect your computer to the internet.

2. Wrong Network Settings

  • Open the router setup web utility page on your computer’s web browser and go to the Wireless settings menu.
  • Verify if the manual wireless network settings are correct and check the network security settings to resolve Valet router problems.
  • Modify the settings if it is required and save the settings.
  • Reboot the router and check if the network problem exists.

3. Update The Firmware

  • The router firmware which has not been updated could slow down the router performance and can also stop the router from functioning.
  • Download the latest router firmware from the official Valet website and save it on the computer.
  • Visit the router web utility and update the firmware.
  • After updating the firmware to avoid Valet router problems, refresh the page and again log in to access the internet.

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