Resolve Ubee Router Ethernet Not Working Issue

Ethernet Not Working On Ubee Router

Ubee Router Ethernet Not Working

The Problematic Scenario

Follow the instructions below for the user who are facing Ubee router ethernet not working issue.

When you use a wireless connection to access your Ubee modem/router, you are able to connect to all the websites. However, when you use an Ethernet connection, you are not even able to access your Ubee router/modem’s GUI. Shortly put, your Wi-Fi is working fine, but the Ethernet is not.

Now, you do not know what exactly is wrong with your Ethernet connection. You wonder if there is a problem with your Ethernet ports or the cables. You are stumped and would appreciate any help that would get your Ethernet connection up and running again.

The Solution To The Problematic Scenario

For starters, you can try the following usual tips to fix Ubee router ethernet not working issue.

  • Try to reconnect your Ethernet cable or attempt to plug the cables into different ports.
  • Next, try restarting your computer. If this does not work, you can restart your Ubee modem/router and check if that resolves the issue.
  • You can also make an attempt to reset your Ubee modem/router to the default factory settings. But keep this as a last resort (if all other techniques fail).

In case the common tips stated above fail to solve the problem, move on to the following techniques:

The above techniques should help in fixing the Ethernet connection issue while using your Ubee modem/router.

We have now discussed the “Ubee router Ethernet not working” issue.

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