Trendnet N150 Tew-721brm V1 Router Setup - Brief Steps

Trendnet N150 Tew-721brm V1 Router Setup

Scroll down this page to know how to set up the Trendnet N150 Tew-721brm V1 router setup. TRENDnet’s TEW-721BRM V1 is a combination of a modem and wireless N150 router that is compatible with the ADSL 2/2+ ISP network. Inside this router package, you can find the following components: TRENDnet TEW-721BRM V1 router, quick installation guide, CD-ROM, power adapter, network cable, and an RJ-11 telephone cable. Now, let’s see how to set up the TRENDnet N150 TEW-721BRM V1 router in detail.

Step 1: Manual Setup

  • First, get a network cable.
  • Using the network cable, connect your router to a telephone wall jack or modem.
  • Using another network cable, connect the router to your computer.
  • Now, connect the router to the power outlet and turn it ON.
  • If your router’s Wireless LED is Green, then it means the router is connected to the network successfully.
  • If not, re-perform the manual setup.

After completing the first step of the Trendnet N150 Tew-721brm V1 router setup, move on to the web-based configuration.

Step 2: Web-based Configuration

  • Make sure that your desktop or laptop is connected to the TRENDnet N150 router network.
  • Now, on your computer, open a web browser.
  • As soon as you open the browser, the Trendnet router setup wizard will automatically open up.
  • Choose ADSL as the connection type.
  • Click Next.
  • In case the router setup wizard fails to open automatically, then type in the address bar and tap Enter.
  • In the Login window, enter the default credentials of your router and click Login.
  • Select the Setup option followed by Setup Wizard.
  • In the Determine Connection Method Select dialog box, select the Auto-detect option.
  • Now, the installation wizard will detect and display your VPI/VCI settings on the screen. Check whether the displayed settings are correct. If yes, click Next.
  • Based on the ADSL connection type you have selected, the next dialog box will open up. For example, if you have selected PPPoE/PPPoA, then the PPPoE dialog box will open up. Configure the connection settings as per your needs and click Next.
  • Now, the Information dialog box with the summary of your wireless settings will be displayed on the screen. Click Save.
  • Wait for the router setup to complete. Once it is completed, click the Finish button on the SETUP COMPLETE dialog box.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Trendnet N150 Tew-721brm V1 router setup.

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