Trendnet N150 Tew-714tru Router Setup - Quick Steps

Trendnet N150 Tew-714tru Router Setup

TRENDnet N150 TEW-714TRU is a wireless travel router that is suitable for professionals. You can use this router in different modes, such as router, repeater, and WISP. Some of the cool features of this travel router are power plugs, USB Share port, USB charge port, ON/OFF switch, N150 wireless, energy-saving mode, and IPv6. Follow the below given Trendnet N150 Tew-714tru router setup to connect and config router.

The Product Package Contains The Following Components:

  • TEW-714TRU
  • Quick installation guide
  • CD-ROM
  • Network cable
  • Power plug (US, Euro, and the UK)

Contact your router dealer or the manufacturer if any of the above-mentioned components are missing inside the product box.To know how to perform the TRENDnet N150 TEW-714TRU router setup, scroll down this page.

Quick And Simple Steps To Setup TRENDnet N150 TEW-714TRU Router

  • First, connect the power plug to your TRENDnet router.
  • Next, plug in the router to a wall socket and turn it on.
  • Now, turn on your computer if it is turned off.
  • Click the Network icon.
  • Now, a list of wireless networks available within your computer’s range will be displayed on the screen.
  • Look for your TRENDnet router’s SSID (TEW-714TRU) and select it.
  • If prompted to enter the wireless security key, type the default security key of your router. You can find your router’s default wireless key on the router label.
  • If your computer supports WPS, then simply push the WPS button on your router’s control panel to connect the router and computer.
  • Once your computer gets connected to the router’s network, open a web browser on it, and navigate to the following IP address:
  • Enter the default credentials of your router (User Name and Password) and click the Login button.
  • To view the network status, go to the BASIC tab and click the Network Status sub-tab. Here you can make the required settings for your wireless network.

Contact us if you need remote assistance regarding the TRENDnet N150 TEW-714TRU router setup.

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