Guidance For Tp Link Router Password Change Without Reset

Tp Link Router Password Change Without Reset

Every router has a username and password, which you have to enter to log in to the router’s configuration page. The password mentioned here is different from the password you would enter to connect to the Wi-Fi. Almost all routers have a default username and password, which you change as you want. Having the default password for your router is not secure, so it is important to change it. Resetting the router would change all the router settings, including the username and password. There are other ways to change the router password. Learn how to change TP Link router password change without reset in the following steps.

Step-1: Open the router’s login page

  • If you are using the router for the first time, write down the router name, password, and IP address from the label on the router.
  • Turn on the TP-Link router and connect your computer to it.
  • In case you are using an Ethernet cable, connect it to the router’s LAN port and the other end to the computer.
  • Launch a web browser on your computer, enter the router’s IP address, and press Enter to open the router’s login page.

Step-2: Log in to the router setup page

  • Once the login page opens, enter the username and password to log into the router page.
  • By default, the username and password of the TP-Link router are “admin.” So if you have not changed the router password earlier, use the default password.
  • Now, the TP-Link router’s main page will open.

Step-3: Change the password

  • Click the Management tab on the left navigation panel.
  • Select Access Control > Password.
  • Now, enter the current TP link router password change without reset and then enter the new password.
  • Select the Save button.
  • Refresh the webpage to apply the changes.

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