How To Fix TP Link Router DNS Server Not Responding?

The DNS server stores the DNS record of a domain. It also translates your domain names to IP addresses. Most of us might know that the TP-Link router allows us to configure the DNS server on it. By configuring this server, you can access high-speed internet over a wired network. Recently, some of the TP-Link router users have encountered an issue where the DNS Server doesn’t respond. To resolve the TP Link router DNS Server not responding issue, perform the following troubleshooting methods.

TP-Link Router DNS Server Not Responding


Method 1: Check your Internet status

Method 2: Perform a clean setup using Resource CD

  • If the first method doesn’t resolve the issue, then perform the clean setup process by using the Resource CD provided with your TP-Link router. 
  • In most cases, this method will resolve the issue related to the DNS server.

Method 3: Re-configure the router settings

Method 4: Change DNS Server address

If the DNS server on the TP-Link router is not configured correctly, then there is a chance for this issue to occur.

Method 5: Reset your TP-Link router

Check if the TP Link router DNS server not responding issue is resolved. If not, contact us.

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