TP-Link Extender Wont Connect to Router

The Wireless Network Extenders receive the wireless signals from the routers and rebroadcast them to extend the range of your wireless network. These Wi-Fi extenders make use of the Backhaul principle, in which signals are transmitted from one place to another using cable. The Wi-Fi extenders usually make use of the electrical cables in our homes or offices to transmit the signals and hence extend the range of the wireless network. Sometimes, while installing a Wireless Network Extender, it may not connect to your router. If you face the same issue with your TP-Link extender, you can refer to the Tp-link extender wont connect to router solutions given below to solve the issue.

Solution 1

When connecting the TP-Link extender to your router, you have to check the MAC filtering settings on your wireless router. If there are MAC filtering settings enabled on your wireless router and if that does not contain the MAC address of your TP-Link extender, then it may prevent your TP-Link extender from connecting to your router. Carry out the proceeding Tp-link extender wont connect to router solution steps to check the MAC filtering on your router.

  • Open a web browser on your computer connected to your wireless router.
  • Access your wireless router's web interface from your web browser.
  • Use the username and password to log in to the wireless router web interface.
  • Then locate the MAC filter option in your router. It may vary according to your router manufacturer. Refer your router's user's manual to locate the MAC filter option.
  • Usually, this option may be named as MAC filter, Network Filter, Network Access, or Access Control. This option may be located under the Network or Security or the Advanced settings tab of your router.
  • Now, enter the MAC address of the wireless extender in the text box in the MAC filter option and click the Apply button to solve Tp link extender not connecting to router.

After adding the MAC address of your TP-Link wireless extender to your wireless router, again try to connect the wireless extender to the wireless router.

tp-link extender wont connect to router

Solution 2

While setting up the TP-Link wireless extender to your router, if you are not able to connect to the wireless router, then check the password you are using to fix Tp-link extender wont connect to router issue. If the wireless router's password you have used to connect the TP-Link range extender is incorrect, then you may not be able to connect your extender to your wireless router.

Solution 3

If your TP-Link wireless extender does not connect to your wireless router, then try to upgrade the TP-Link extender’s firmware. You can download the latest firmware for your TP-Link extender from the support page of the extender's manufacturer. To upgrade the firmware of your TP-Link extender, follow the guidelines given below

Solution 4

If none of the solutions worked to solve Tp link extender not connecting to router issue, then reset your TP-Link extender and try again. To reset the TP-Link extender, follow the below steps.

Tp link extender not connecting to router

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