Tenda W308r Router Setup - Quick Steps

Tenda W308r Router Setup

Tenda W308R is a wireless router powered by Broadcom BCM5357C0. This router is compatible with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n network standard and offers a maximum speed of 300 Mbps. It also comes with a WAN port and 4 LAN ports, but it doesn’t support mobile and VPN networks. The default IP address of this router is Similarly, admin is the default username and password.Now, let’s see how to perform the Tenda W308R router setup for the first time.

Step 1: Physical Connection

  • Place the router and your modem closer.
  • Now, using an Ethernet cable, connect your router to the modem.
  • Connect the router and modem to the power outlet and turn on both the devices.

Step 2: Connect Your Router To The Computer

  • If you wish to connect your Tenda router to the computer over a wired connection, then connect them using an Ethernet cable.
  • If your connectivity type is wireless, then connect your computer to the router’s Wi-Fi. The router’s SSID and password are available on its label.
  • After connecting the router and your computer together, check the status of the router’s LEDs.
  • Make sure that the SYS, WLAN, and LAN LEDs are blinking.
Tenda W308r Router Setup Login Page

Step 3: Web-based Configuration

  • Open a web browser.
  • Enter (IP address of the router) in the address bar. On the Login page, enter your router’s default credentials and click Sign in.
  • If prompted, choose the access method as DHCP or PPPoE.
Tenda W308r Router Web-based Configuration Setup
  • Go to the Wireless section.
  • Click the Wireless Basic Settings option to setup Tenda router.
  • Enter the Primary SSID for the router and click Save.
  • Similarly, go to the Wireless security settings page.
  • Enter a strong password for the wireless network.
  • Configure the other settings as per your desire and click Save.

If you have any doubts about the Tenda W308R router setup, then contact us.

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