How To Solve Spectrum Router Blinking Red?

Spectrum Router Blinking Red

The LED lights on your Spectrum router indicate the status of your Internet connection. Obviously, it would be frustrating when there is a problem with the router. When your Spectrum router blinking red, you should know the indication first. It blinks red when it fails to establish the proper Internet connection. So, you need to check and fix the Internet-related problems. Verify that you have inserted the Ethernet cable properly and check whether all the cables and ports are working fine. If you cannot resolve your issue, try out the troubleshooting methods given below.

Power Cycle Your Router

  • In most of the cases, simple power cycling can help to eradicate several problems.
  • Turn off your Spectrum router and unplug the power cord.
  • Keep it at rest for around a minute. Then, connect your router and the electrical socket using the power cord.
  • Power on the router and let it boot; it takes around 30 seconds.
  • Now, you can notice that the red LED stops blinking. Also, the router starts to light up gradually to indicate its working condition.
  • If still the spectrum router blinking red, try rebooting the modem as mentioned below.

Reboot your modem

  • Unplug your modem and take out all the batteries. Keep it at rest for around 60 seconds.
  • Plug the Ethernet cables into your modem and the router correctly.
  • Power on the modem, and it takes around a minute for the booting to be completed.
  • Now, you can notice the red light on your Spectrum router stop blinking. If you cannot resolve red light blinking on spectrum router issue by restarting the modem, perform the next method.

Reset your router

  • Sign in with your Spectrum account with your user id and password.
  • Click on Services & Equipment option and select the Internet option.
  • Click on Experiencing Issue, followed by Reset Equipment.
  • Check whether you have resolved your issue.

Still, if you see the Spectrum router blinking red LED, contact us for more technical assistance.

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