How To Resolve Spectrum Router Blinking Orange?

Spectrum Router Blinking Orange

Is your Spectrum router blinking orange? Probably there might be issues with the Internet connection. There might be several reasons for the Internet connection issue of your router. We will guide you on troubleshooting the Internet connection issue and solving the blinking orange light problem. All you got to do is carry out the troubleshooting solutions given here.

Solution 1: Checking The Connection With The Modem

Usually, the router light turns solid blue when it gets connected to the Internet. If your router is blinking orange for a longer period, check the cable connection.

  • Verify that the network cable is firmly connected to your router’s WAN port.
  • If necessary, restart your modem and reconnect your router to it.
  • Verify if the Internet connection is stable after connecting your computer directly to your modem.
  • If you are having issues with the Internet connection from the modem, contact your Internet Service Provider.
  • If there is a problem with the router, check if you are running outdated firmware.

Solution 2: Update Spectrum Router Firmware

The Spectrum router blinking orange light might be a result of outdated firmware.

  • To update the router firmware, get the latest firmware from the official Spectrum site and save it to your computer.
  • Next, access your Spectrum router’s setup page by entering its IP address in the URL field of your browser.
  • After logging in to your Spectrum router setup page, select the option to update the firmware.
  • Browse the downloaded firmware file and start the update.
  • Wait until the router is restarted after completing the firmware update.
  • Check if the problem has been resolved.
  • If the Spectrum light blinking problem remains unsolved, try the next solution.

Solution 3: Factory Reset

  • On your Spectrum router, locate the Reset button. Probably, it might be located at the back of your router.
  • Make sure that you have a paperclip handy.
  • Using the paperclip, press and hold down the Reset button for at least 15 seconds. Doing so will reset the router settings to factory defaults.
  • Wait for the router to get restarted.
  • Check if still the Spectrum router orange light blinking. By now, the issue should be fixed.

To get more assistance on resolving Spectrum router blinking orange light issue, Contact our experts and get fine solution.

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