Soho router configuration

The Soho router consists of a multitude of settings, configuring options, and network selections. First, you need to prevent electrostatic discharge damage. The Media Access Control (MAC) will stand for the hardware address and physical address that is on the wireless devices connected to the network

Cisco Soho router configuration

Perform the following guidelines to configure Cisco Soho router configuration:

Soho router default password

The current password for the Soho router may be 1234, admin, 0000, or unknown.

Soho router security

  • First, make sure that Remote management over the internet is enabled.
  • Then, sign out after the configuring the router.
  • Make sure not to run an accessed or WPS-enabled wireless network.
  • Do not use the current IP ranges.
  • The currents passwords are often the same, so, make sure not to leave the current password saved.
Soho Router Default password


The Soho router vulnerabilities are divided into nine major divisions, namely Unauthenticated XSS, Authenticated XSS, DNS Hijacking, Session Hijacking, Default WEP, Silent CSRF, Authentication Bypass, Local UPNP, and CSRF UPNP. The Unauthenticated XSS deals with online web applications. The Domain Name Hijacking occurs due to the hostname misconfiguration. The Session Hijacking is due to the administrative session.


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