Steps For Sagemcom Fast 5260 Wps Setup

Sagemcom fast 5260 WPS setup

The Sagemcom fast 5260 routers provide users with high mobility and easy access to the internet. It ensures a fast and reliable connection, primarily gaming. The router also protects your network from intruders using WPA2 encryption and an SPI firewall. You can connect your wireless devices to the Sagemcom Fast 5260 router using WPS. You can make use of either the WPS Push button method or the WPS PIN method for the connection. Now, you can easily get Sagemcom fast 5260 WPS setup settings from this page.

The procedure for the Sagemcom Fast 5260 router’s setup is given below.

  • On a computer that is connected to the Sagemcom router network, log in to web GUI for Sagemcom fast 5260 WPS setup process.
  • To login to the web GUI, open a web browser and enter in the search bar.
  • Type the Sagemcom fast 5260 router’s user name and password. You may find it at the backside of your router.
  • The default user name is “admin”; the default password is “admin.”
  • Your router's page should appear now on the screen.
  • Select the network for which you want to enable WPS. Note: Make sure to enable WPS for both the Wi-Fi networks.
  • Go to the WPS tab.
  • Click the toggle switch beside the Enable WPS option to turn it on.
  • In the WPS mode option, make sure to select the Push button and the PIN.
  • Locate the WPS button at the rear of the router.
  • Keep your wireless device with the range of the Sagemcom router.
  • Now, press the WPS button on the router. Hold it for 5 seconds until you see the Wi-Fi light flash on the front panel of the router.
  • Now, within 2 minutes, enable WPS or press the WPS button on your wireless device to complete the WPS setup.
  • That’s it! You are done the Sagemcom fast 5260 WPS setup.

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