How To Fix Router Not Working After Pressing Wps Button?

Router Not Working After Pressing Wps Button

In this section you will learn how to solve router not working after pressing WPS button issue. WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a feature that allows you to connect your wireless devices to a Wi-Fi router easily, even without entering the network password manually. So, how does it work? You just have to enable the WPS feature on the device that you wish to connect to the Wi-Fi router, and then press & hold the WPS button on your router to initiate the Wi-Fi connection. Now, your device will try to detect the connection available within its range and connect to it. 

Performing the WPS setup within the time limit

  • What if the router is not working after pressing the WPS button?
  • Basically, after enabling the WPS feature on your device, you have to connect it to the Wi-Fi network within 2 minutes. If you fail to do so, then there is a chance for the connection problem to occur. To fix it, re-connect your device to the router through the WPS feature.
  • Make sure that the device is connected to the Wi-Fi router within 2 minutes. Once your device is connected to the network, the WPS light on the router turns off. In case the WPS connection fails, the WPS light turns solid amber. To resolve this problem, reset the router to its factory defaults.
  • After restoring the router settings, connect the device to your router using the WPS feature. 

Continue reading the below steps to know more on resolving router not working after pressing WPS button problem.

Re-configuring The Router’s Wireless Settings

  • If your router is not working after long-pressing the WPS button, it means that you have restored the wireless settings to default. In this case, you have to re-configure the wireless network settings on your router’s administration page.
  • To do so, from your computer browser, go to the router’s web GUI page using its IP address or URL.
  • After accessing the GUI page successfully, go to the Wireless section and re-configure the wireless settings.
  • Make sure that the wireless settings are configured correctly and then try to connect the device to the Wi-Fi router through WPS.
  • If still the router not working after pressing WPS button problem persist, contact our technical experts to resolve it.

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