Get Fine Steps to Know Reset Asus Router

You can reset the Asus router to solve the problems that arise. Resetting the router can fix connectivity issues and configuration errors while following reset asus router. You can reset the router either through the web-based setup page or by pressing the Reset button. When you reset the Asus router, the customized settings get erased and the factory defaults are restored. After you reset the router, it is recommended to change the password to safeguard your wireless network. The easiest methods to reset the Asus router are given on this page.

Asus Wireless Router Reset

reset asus router

How to Reset ASUS Wifi Router Password

You can reset the Asus router to restore the factory default settings. However, resetting the router erases the customized settings that were set previously.

How to Reset Asus RT N12 Router

  • Power on the Asus RT N12 router and make sure that the green light is lit.
  • Now, locate the Reset button on your Asus router.
  • For most of the routers, the Reset button is located on its rear side.
  • After you find the Reset button, take a paper clip or a sharp tool like a pin.
  • Insert it into the hole which is tagged Reset by following How to Reset Asus RT N12 Router.
  • Press and hold the paper clip into the hole for approximately five to ten seconds.
  • Switch off the router and wait for some time.
  • While you press the Power button to switch on the router, hold the Reset button as well.
  • Release the buttons when the Power light starts to flash during Asus Wireless Router Reset.
  • After you reset the router, proceed to reconfigure the Asus RT N12 router.

How to Reset ASUS RT N56U Router

You can reset the Asus RT N56U router if you want to restore to the factory default settings.

Reset ASUS Router RT AC66R

asus wireless router reset

How to Reset ASUS RT AC66U Router?

You can reset your ASUS RT AC66U router in different ways. If you have forgotten your router password or username, resetting the wireless router to the factory default settings is the best choice.

Reset ASUS Router RT AC68U?

How to Reset ASUS AC2400 Router?

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