How To Fix Plusnet Router Internet Light Flashing Issue?

Plusnet router internet light flashing

The plusnet router internet light flashing usually indicate one thing, and it is common among other routers as well; the router is trying to establish an internet connection.

But if the blinking is rapid and does not stop, it is advised that you try the following things.

  • First restart your Plusnet router.
  • Try changing your microfilter, which is a small device that helps in stopping the phone and the broadband signals from interfering with each other.
  • You can remove the master socket from the modem, this will disconnect any wiring extensions and will open you to the test socket.
  • Now, try to plug in the router to the test socket and see if the blinking becomes stable and the connection is found and fix the issue plusnet router internet light flashing.
  • If the connection is detected through the test socket, you can rule out and find out that the issue is with the wiring.
  • If you have a landline phone, you can quickly check the connection with the help of a dial tone.

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