pfSense Router Setup

To know in detail about how to set up the pfSense router, follow the guided instructions given below.

How To Setup pfSense As a Router

pfSense Router Login

To login to your pfSense router account, follow the instructions given below.

Change pfSense Password

To change your pfSense router account password, perform the guided instructions given below.<.

Configuring pfSense as a Router

pfSense On Linksys Router

Install pfSense On TP-Link Router

  • Log into the web management portal of the pfSense device.
  • Go to the Status menu and select the DHCP-Leases option. 
  • Next, you have to sign into the web utility page of the TP-Link router using the username and password. 
  • From the Quick Setup menu, select the Access AP Mode Settings option.
  • Choose the Type as Static IP from the drop-down list and key in the correct IP Address. 
  • Select the Subnet Mask from the Subnet drop-down menu and highlight the Disable checkbox near the DHCP Server section.
  • You have now set up pfSense on your TP-Link router.

Install pfSense on Netgear Router

pfSense Factory Reset

pfSense Forgot Admin Password

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