Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router Setup

opticover n300 wireless N Ap router setup

OptiCover N300 Wireless N AP/Router is a Wi-Fi extender that enhances the network coverage of the existing wireless network. If you wish to set up the opticover n300 wireless N Ap router setup, refer to the quick steps provided on this page. There are three modes using which you can set up the OptiCover N300 Wi-Fi extender: Repeater mode, AP mode, and Router mode.

Setting up the OptiCover N300 Wi-Fi extender on a Windows computer:

  • Connect the Wi-Fi extender to the wall outlet and turn it On.
  • On your Wi-Fi router, press and hold the WPS button for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • On your extender, press the Wireless button within two minutes to connect the device to the wireless network and opticover n300 wireless N Ap router setup.
  • Make sure that you have located the extender within the range of the router.
  • Turn on your computer and disconnect it from the wireless network if you have already connected to the router.
  • Even if you have connected using an Ethernet cable, disconnect it first.
  • Now, connect the computer and the Wi-Fi repeater or extender with the help of an Ethernet/RJ45 cable.
  • Open the Windows Control Panel and give a double-click on the Network and Sharing Center link.
  • Click on Change Adapter Settings and give a right-click on the adapter connected to the extender/repeater.
  • Select the Properties option and go to the Network tab.
  • Select the Internet Protocol Version (IPv4) option and click the Properties button.
  • In the Internet Protocol Version (IPv4) window, enable the 'Automatic obtain an IP address and DNS server' radio button.
  • Press OK and close the window.
  • Open the default browser and enter the IP address of the OptiCover N300 Wi-Fi extender in the URL field.
  • Press the Enter key to open the OptiCover network's login portal.
  • Enter the default login credentials in the required fields and click the Submit button.
  • After logging in the extender’s administrator interface, run the setup wizard.
  • Enable the Wireless Repeater mode and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the necessary settings.
  • Once you have completed the network setup, click the Apply button.
  • Now, you can shift the opticover n300 wireless N Ap router setup to your desired location connect to Wi-Fi.

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