How To Fix Netgear Router Error 401?

Netgear Router Error 401

Netgear Router error 401 Unauthorized Access is one of the most commonly occurring issues and it generally arises on your web browser when you try to access the router configuration page. The main cause of this error could be an incorrect user name and password. Note: 401 unauthorized error codes will have a similar error format message such as Authorization required, 401 Unauthorized, or else HTTP Error 401-Unauthorized.

Major Causes Of Netgear 401 Unauthorized Access Error

Netgear 401 Unauthorized Access Error appears due to several factors, but few of them have been disclosed here for your reference.

  • Incorrect router configuration page URL.
  • Inappropriate login details.
  • Security or Firewall settings are blocking access.
  • Web browser cache.

Troubleshoot Netgear 401 Unauthorized Access Error:

Here you go with the standard solutions to resolve the Netgear router Error 401.

Checking the entered URL

It is all-important to check and verify whether the URL to access the router configuration page is appropriate. This is the primary cause of the 401 Unauthorized Access Error to appear on your browser. If you have entered the IP address of the router, then check whether you have entered the correct IP address.

Check for Connection issues

  • If you come across this error while trying to access the configuration page, check whether the router is turned on and the LEDs are lit up. Also, make sure the computer is connected to the router. If the router and the computer are not connected to each other, then you cannot access the configuration page. On your Windows computer, you can open the Command Prompt window and type the “ping” command followed by the router’s IP address to check the connectivity.

Usage Of Appropriate Login Credentials

  • Inputting the incorrect username and password while logging in to your Netgear router will cause the Unauthorized Access 401 error at times. Therefore, check the credentials that you have entered, to clear the error.

Try Logging in With an Alternate Support Browser Application

  • You might receive the unauthorized error if your router admin page is not compatible with the present web browser if it is outdated.
  • It might even happen due to restrictions because of the secured firewall settings or the antivirus application running on your computer.
  • Try to access the Netgear router configuration page using another browser. If required, update the browser in which you are facing the Netgear router error 401. Also, clear the browser cache and verify whether the issue is fixed.

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