Netgear router configuration

The Netgear router configuratio will enable you to utilize the router with your current Internet Service Provider. It ca also help you to solve the problems that are related to network connectivity. This configuratio can be done in 4 ways such as cable internet with Genie Interface, ojaSmart Wizard Interface, DSL internet with Genie interface, and DSL internet’s Smart Wizard interface.

How to configure the Netgear router

Method 1- Cable Internet with Genie Interface.

Method 2- Cable internet with Smart Wizard Interface.

Method 3- DSL internet with Genie Interface.

Method 4- DSL Internet with Genie interface.

DSL Internet with Genie interface

Netgear router configuration settings

The Netgear router configuration settings must be done to make the network connection complete. It is only after the configuration process that the router can communicate with the Network components.

How to configure Netgear modem router

Netgear wireless router configuration IP address

For Smart Wizard,

Configure Netgear Router Without Cd

The instructions given below will help you to configure the Netgear router without using a CD.

  • Switch off your computer and the wireless router if they are turned On. After that, using a Ethernet cable, connect your wireless router and the modem.
  • Similarly, connect the computer and your wireless router using another Ethernet cable. Switch on the modem and wait for it to connect.
  • Once the modem is connected, switch on your wireless router and wait for the Internet & power lights to become green. After that, power on your computer, and open a web browser on it.
  • Sign into the Netgear router’s official page by entering the required credentials in the given field. Click the OK button followed by Next.
  • Now the setup wizard will appear on the screen, perform the on-screen prompts. Once the configuration process is done, click the Done button.

Configure Netgear Router As Repeater

To configure your Netgear router as Repeater, follow the instructions given below.

Configure Netgear Router As Wireless Access Point

To configure the Netgear router as Wireless Access Point (AP), perform the instructions given below.

Configure Netgear Router Without Internet

To configure the Netgear router without the internet connection, you have to disable the DHCP feature. Also, use a internet/Ethernet cable to establish a connection between the computer and the Netgear router.

How To Configure VP O Netgear Router 

Follow the steps give below to configure VP by activating the gateway-to-gateway connection on your Netgear router. 

How To Configure VP O Netgear Router

How To Configure Your Netgear Router For Cable Internet

Proceed with the following procedure to configure the Netgear router for cable internet connection from the Smart Wizard interface.

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