Brief Guide for Netgear Nighthawk R8000 Setup

The Netgear Nighthawk R800 is an adaptable tri brand router and has an easy setup which can be done with the Netgear’s Genie Software. The Netgear nighthawk r8000 setup wizard can take about 5 minutes to perform the router configuration.

How to Setup Netgear Nighthawk R8000

To setup Netgear nighthawk R8000 router, perform the following guidelines.

Netgear nighthawk r8000 setup

Netgear R8000 VPN Setup

To setup VPN fro R8000, perform the following guidelines

How to Reset Netgear Nighthawk R8000

Carry out the steps below to perform netgear router reset.

Netgear R8000 Port Forwarding

Install DD WRT on Netgear R8000

Here are the guidelines to enable AP mode on your Netgear R6300 router. Make sure that the Netgear R6300 router is connected to the computer with an Ethernet cable to install dd-wrt on Netgear r8000.

  • Before installing, you have to find the correct DD-WRT file to flash.
  • .CHK, .IMG, and.BIN are three types of firmware DD-WRT flash file that can be used.
  • Download the flash file from the Firmware Downloads section and store it to your system.
  • Double-click the firmware file and follow the prompts displayed on your screen to install it successfully.
  • The next step is to reset your Netgear router to the default settings to install dd-wrt on Netgear r8000
  • Log into the web management page of the router, navigate to the Advanced menu, and select the Administration option.
  • Choose the Router Update option in the next step to install dd-wrt on Netgear r8000.
  • Next, select the flash file that you have downloaded and wait till the process on Netgear nighthawk r8000 setup gets over
  • Finally, log into DD-WRT and restore the default settings.

Netgear Nightthawk R8000 Factory Reset

Netgear R8000 VPN setup

Netgear R8000 Port Forwarding Not Working

Netgear R8000 Connection Issues

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