How To Use Mikrotik Router Website Block?

Mikrotik router website block

Blocking unwanted websites like Facebook, YouTube, and other annoying sites is very simple on MicroTik router using MicroTik Firewall. It blocks websites using Filter rule, which has two parts: Conditional part and an Action part. If any conditional part of a filter is matched, the MicroTik router Firewall will drop it in the Action part to block the website. For detailed instructions to know how to use Mikrotik router website block on your router, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you have to create a Layer7 Protocol before creating the Filter rule.
  • The Layer7 Protocol uses Perl Regex to match the keyword in the URL.
  • On your computer, open Winbox and log in to the MicroTik main interface with the help of the login credentials.
  • Click the IP tab from the left-side panel and select Firewall to Mikrotik router website block.
  • In the Firewall window, click the Layer7 Protocols tab.
  • Click on the Add icon to open the new Firewall L7 Protocol window.
  • Enter the website name such as Facebook or YouTube in the Name field.
  • Enter '^.+(*$' in the input field and click the Apply button.
  • Click OK and add the rest of the websites you wish to block.
  • Now, the created Layer7 Protocols will be used in the Filter rule.
  • To create the Firewall Filter rule, click the Filter Rules tab.
  • Click on the Add icon to open the new Firewall Rule window.
  • In the pop-up window, click the General tab and select Forward from the Chain drop-down menu.
  • To block a specific user, enter his/her IP address in the Source Address and Destination Address fields.
  • Otherwise, select the TCP option from the Protocol drop-down menu.
  • Enter '80, 443' in the Destination Port field.
  • Next, click the Advanced tab and select the created Layer7 Protocol from the Layer7 Protocol drop-down menu.
  • Move to the Action tab and select Action from the pull-down menu.
  • Click Apply and select OK.
  • Now, the selected website has been blocked by your MicroTik router using Mikrotik router website block techniques.

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