How To Perform Linksys Wrt1200ac Router Setup?

Linksys Wrt1200ac Router Setup

The Linksys WRT1200AC router is capable of delivering 947 Mbps. This router is the best choice if you’re using a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) server. It allows you to control your network easily and delivers fast file-transfer compared to other Wi-Fi routers. You can perform Linksys WRT1200AC router setup easily using Smart Setup Wizard or manually.The below section explains both methods in detail.

Method 1: Manual Router Setup

  • Initially, make sure that your computer is connected to a stable Internet connection.
  • Now, turn off your computer, modem, and router if they are turned on.
  • Using an Ethernet cable, connect your modem to the Linksys router.
  • Make sure to connect the cable to the Internet port of your router.
  • Similarly, connect your router to the computer using another Ethernet cable. This time, connect the cable to the LAN port of your router.
  • Now, turn on the router, modem, and computer.
  • Make sure that the Power, Internet, LAN, Ethernet, and wireless LEDs of your router are blinking.
  • Now, open the browser on the computer that is connected to the router.
  • Go to the router’s web access page.
  • Enter the default password of your router (admin) in the given field and click on the Log in button.
Linksys Router Wrt1200ac Setup
  • Now, the Linksys WRT1200AC router setup page will open.
  • Set the router settings such as Connectivity, Internet settings, and other settings as per your desire.
Setup Linksys Router Wrt1200ac
  • Finally, click on the Save Changes button.
  • Now, try to connect your computer to the router’s network. If the computer is connected to the network successfully, then it means the Linksys WRT1200AC router setup is done correctly.
Router Linksys Wrt1200ac Setup

Method 2: Router Setup Using The Smart Setup Wizard

  • Make sure that the antennas are mounted correctly on your router.
  • Turn on your Linksys router if it is turned off.
  • Now, using an Ethernet cable, connect your router to the modem.
  • Connect your computer to the router over a wireless network. The default credentials of the router are available in the Quick Start guide of the router.
  • On your computer, open a browser.
  • Go to the Linksys router’s Smart Setup Wizard.
  • In the main window of the Setup wizard, select the I have read and accepted the License Terms for using this software option and click Next. Now, the setup wizard will try to detect your connection type.
  • Configure the router settings by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the Linksys router WRT1200AC setup is completed, try to connect your computer to the router’s network.

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