Issue: Linksys Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Your Linksys Wi-Fi range extender helps you boost the existing Wi-Fi signal. Once the extender boosts the signal from your router, it is able to provide all the devices connected to your network with the required Internet access. The major advantage of using a Wi-Fi extender with your Linksys router is that your devices get Internet access even in the hard-to-reach regions. However, the Linksys Wi-Fi extender might not be perfect always and could give you certain difficulties. And, every difficulty can be met with or overcome with the proper troubleshooting methods. Carry out the below steps to fix Linksys wifi extender keeps disconnecting issue.

Linksys Wi-fi Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Linksys wifi extender keeps disconnecting

One common issue that users face with their Linksys Wi-Fi extenders is that these devices keep getting disconnected. As a result of this problem, users do not get a stable Internet connection. Let us now analyze the Linksys wifi extender keeps disconnecting issue and then discuss the various troubleshooting methods available.

Important Note: Before you start with the following troubleshooting methods, contact your ISP and talk to them about the issue. Check with them and see whether you are getting a proper Wi-Fi or not as the problem could have originated from your ISP’s end also.

Method 1-Updating your Wi-Fi Plan:

One of the primary reasons why your Linksys Wi-Fi range extender keeps disconnecting could be the expiry of your data package. You need to check whether the data package for your Wi-Fi has exceeded its limit. If it has, you have to update your Wi-Fi plan immediately. This step might help you resolve the issue.

Method 2-Overcoming Wireless Interference:

Wireless interference could be another reason behind your extender getting disconnected. This situation might result in your channel becoming overlapped with other channels. Otherwise, the electronic devices that are close to your extender might cause this interference. These devices could be your mobile, baby monitor, refrigerator, oven, or other similar devices.

To solve the Linksys wifi extender keeps disconnecting problem, you have to place your Linksys Wi-Fi extender far away from the devices causing interference. Keep your Wi-Fi device at an elevated level like a higher shelf. If you follow this suggestion, the Wi-Fi device will properly receive the signals from your router and then broadcast the same to all the devices (in your network) without any interference.

Now, you should have gained some insight into why your Linksys Wi-Fi extender keeps disconnecting and how to fix the issue.

Method 3-Limiting the number of devices connected to the network:

In case your Wi-Fi is overloaded, the disconnecting issue might arise. For instance, let us assume that your Linksys Wi-Fi extender supports 10 devices at a given time. Now, if you have connected 15 devices, the extender cannot help all those devices to receive the Internet. This scenario will, eventually, result in the extender getting disconnected.

The simplest way to resolve the issue is to connect only a limited number of devices to your Wi-Fi.

Method 4-Updating the devices’ firmware:

If your Linksys router or extender’s firmware version is outdated, that might be the cause of all your problems. If you have failed to update the firmware, it might result in your extender being disconnected.

So, updating the firmware versions of both your router and your extender is the only solution to this issue.

Now, continue reading the next method to resolve the Linksys Wi-Fi extender keeps disconnecting problem.

Method 5-Reconfigure the setup:

An improper Linksys Wi-Fi extender setup might result in the disconnecting issue.

If you doubt that your extender setup has been improper or incomplete, you must first reset the device to its default factory settings. Following that, set up the extender by carrying out the correct setup instructions, one by one.

The above methods should help you rectify the Linksys wifi extender keeps disconnecting issue. Once you find out the cause of the problem, you can easily execute the most appropriate method to fix it.

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