Linksys Router Authentication Problem

The Linksys router authentication problem often occurs on Android smartphones. The error might pop-up when you try to connect to any wireless network which the Linksys router broadcasts. The main reasons for the occurrence of this problem are:

Linksys Wireless Router Authentication Problem

  • Due to internal software or hardware glitch.
  • If the username or password is wrong.
  • In case your network has the same name as on another network.
  • If there is an IP conflict because of many network connections.
  • When the Airplane Mode is active.
  • If the router’s network settings get botched up.
linksys router authentication problem

Solutions to the Linksys Authentication Problem:

Try the following solutions to resolve the Linksys router authentication problem:

Checking the Name of the Wireless Networks:

If the wireless network name and password don’t match with one another or if there exists a network with a similar SSID as yours, then the error might arise. You can either alter your network’s SSID to something that is unique or enter the correct password.

To change the SSID of the wireless network, make use of the following steps:

Switching the Airplane Mode On and Off:

At times, you might encounter the Linksys RE6400 authentication problem due to a glitch in your Android operating system. To resolve this issue, you have to activate the Airplane Mode and then deactivate it. To achieve this, follow the steps given here:

Changing Your Wireless Network’s Configuration From DHCP To Static

In case you have multiple wireless connections on your Android phone, you might face an IP conflict issue. This will lead to the authentication problem. The best way to resolve this glitch is to modify the network configuration from DHCP to Static.

When you try the solutions listed above, you will be able to solve the Linksys router authentication problem.

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