Linksys Re6300 Keeps Disconnecting - [SOLVED]

Linksys Re6300 Keeps Disconnecting

Linksys RE6300 AC750 is a Dual-Band Wi-Fi extender that comes with a simple setup. You can easily plug this extender to any wall outlet to extend your Wi-Fi range. At times, you may face connection issues with your extender.If your Linksys Re6300 keeps disconnecting frequently, it is most likely due to the outdated firmware version and low signal strength of your Wi-Fi extender.

To Fix This Problem, Follow The Below Mentioned Steps.

  • First, check whether you have plugged in the range extender midway between your router and the workstation.
  • Place it close to the working area to avoid network interference and make sure that the extender receives at least 50% of your router’s Wi-Fi signal.
  • Also, remove any wireless gadgets near the extender to reduce the wireless interface.
  • To check your range extender's Wi-Fi signal strength, open the default browser on the connected computer.
  • Enter your range extender's IP address in the URL field. Press the Enter key. It will direct you to the extender's login portal.
  • You can identify the extender's IP address from a label attached to its rear side.
  • Enter your login credentials on the login portal and click the Login button to access your web-based setup page.
  • Click the Status tab and select WLAN Statistics.
  • Click the Signal Strength button to verify your Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • If the Wi-Fi signal strength is good, but the problem persists, check your extender's firmware version. To do so, access the extender's administrative interface and click the Firmware Upgrade button under the Administration section.
  • If you are running the old firmware, update it to the latest version.
  • To upgrade the firmware automatically, click the Update now button.
  • Also, select the Auto upgrade range extender when improvements are available checkbox to upgrade your firmware files automatically in the future. Click Save to fix this Linksys Re6300 keeps disconnecting issue.
  • Otherwise, download the latest firmware for your Linksys range extender manually from the official Linksys site.
  • Next, install the downloaded updates and restart your extender.
  • Make sure to click Save Settings after configuring the necessary settings on the web-based setup page.
  • Finally, reconnect your computer to the wireless network and check if the problem has been resolved.
  • If the problem remains unsolved, reset your extender to the factory defaults, reconnect your devices to it, and check if the issue has been resolved.

You can let us know if you need assistance in fixing this Linksys Re6300 keeps disconnecting issue by clicking the toll-free number displayed on the page.

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