Linksys EA8300 Dropping Connection - [SOLVED]

Linksys EA8300 is a Tri-band wireless router which is suitable for seamless roaming. Is your Linksys router’s Internet connection dropping frequently? There are numerous factors that may cause the dropping issue. To identify the cause and fix the Linksys EA8300 dropping connection problem, follow the quick steps given below.

How To Solve Linksys EA8300 Drop's Connection

Solution 1: Reduce Wi-Fi Interference

  • Verify whether your router has been connected properly to your computer and modem.
  • Make sure to use a standard Ethernet cable to connect your devices.
  • Ensure that you have not placed your router on the ground.
  • Place your router close to your workstation to avoid network traffics in the future.
  • On solving Linksys EA8300 dropping connection, Make sure no wireless gadgets that transmit signals over the same frequency are around your router. It may increase Wi-Fi interference.
  • Try changing your Wi-Fi channel to 1 or 11 to reduce Wi-Fi interference as these are considered non-overlapping channels.
linksys ea8300 dropping connection

Solution 2: Customize Your Router Settings

Solution 3: Update Your Router Firmware

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