Linksys Ea6300 Smart Wi-fi Ac1200 Router Setup

Linksys Ea6300 Smart Wi-fi Ac1200 Router Setup

Linksys EA6300 Smart Wi-Fi AC1200 is a dual-band router that is nearly 3x faster than other Wireless-N routers. This router is best in providing dual-band networks simultaneously and uses Beamforming technology to optimize network performance. It also allows you to customize and manage your network via a mobile app called Linksys Smart Wi-Fi. The below section explains how to perform the Linksys EA6300 Smart Wi-Fi AC1200 router setup for the first time.Before beginning the setup, make sure that your computer meets the system requirements of the Linksys router.

Step 1: Physical Setup

  • Make sure that the primary router or modem is connected to an active Internet.
  • Now, get an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the Linksys smart Wi-Fi AC1200 router to your modem or primary router using the cable.
  • Similarly, using another Ethernet cable, connect the router to your computer.
  • Connect the power cables of the devices to electrical outlets and turn them on.

Step 2: Configuring The Router Settings

To complete the Linksys EA6300 Smart Wi-Fi AC1200 router setup, you need to configure the router settings. Follow the below instructions to perform the same.

  • On your computer (that is connected to your Linksys router), open a browser.
  • In the address field, type your Linksys router’s IP address and tap on the Enter button.
  • In the Sign-in window, type the router’s default password and click on the Sign-in button. You can also change or select the desired language from the drop-down menu in the Sign-in window.
  • Now, on the router’s web access page, go to the Router Settings section and click on the Connectivity option.
Linksys EA6300 AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router Setup

Click on the Internet Settings tab in the Connectivity window.

Linksys AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup

Locate the Type of Internet Connection option and click on the Edit command line beside it.

Linksys Ea6300 Smart Wi-fi Router Setup

Select your connection type from the drop-down menu.

Linksys Ea6300 Smart Router Setup
  • Now, based on your connection type, the corresponding window will open.
  • For example, if your connection type is Static IP, then you’ll be prompted to enter your Internet IPv4 address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, DNS 1, DNS 2 (optional), etc. Enter the asked details in the corresponding fields.
How To Setup Linksys Ea6300 Smart Wi-fi Ac1200 Router?
  • Click the Apply button followed by OK.
  • To set the wireless settings for your Linksys EA6300 Smart Wi-Fi AC1200 router setup, return to the main page of the interface and click on the Wireless option in the Router Settings section.
How To Setup Linksys Smart Wi-fi Ac1200 Router?
  • Now, click on the Edit option beside the network you wish to use and enter the corresponding details. 
  • Make sure to enable the Network option by clicking the checkbox beside Enabled.
  • Now, enter the desired network name and password in the given fields.
  • Select the network mode, security mode, and other settings as per your desire.
How To Setup Linksys Ea6300 Smart Wi-fi Router?
  • Finally, click Apply > OK.
  • Now, try to connect your computer or mobile to the Linksys router’s network. 
  • If the device connects to the network successfully, then the Linksys EA6300 Smart Wi-Fi AC1200 router setup has been done correctly.
  • Re-configure the router settings if an issue occurs while connecting the device to the router’s network.

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