Ipad Not Connecting To Linksys Router

The D-Link router has two different passwords, one for logging in to the router setup page and the other one for accessing the wireless router network. The below methods help you to change both the passwords.

Ipad Not Connecting To Linksys Router

The Linksys routers were found way back in 1988 by Taiwanese immigrants in the United States. An iPad with an internet connection enables you to stream or communicate without any interruptions from the palm of your hands. It ensures a seamless transmission from that of the computer.Off late, there are issues when you cannot connect your iPad to the Linksys router. There are some small troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue quickly. Let us see troubleshooting steps on the iPad to rule out its involvement.


  • Shutting down your iPad and powering it back on is quite a simple step.
  • It might fix some issues related to the Wi-Fi connection, and once it restarts, the connection might be stable with your Linksys router.
  • Hold the power button located at the top of the iPad until you see a message reading Slide to turn it off once you swipe you will see the screen go off.
  • It means the iPad is now shut down.
  • Restart your iPad by holding your iPad power button until you see the Apple logo light up on your screen.
  • Check to see if the issue persists. If so, proceed to the next step.
access att router

Reset in Settings


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