How to perform Huawei D100 Router Setup?

Setup Huawei D100 Router

Setting up the Huawei D100 router is much easier. Since you are setting up the router for the first time, perform it with a wired connection. Proceed with the steps that are given below to perform Huawei D100 Router Setup.

  • Connect the Huawei router to your modem using an Ethernet cable. Connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet or WAN port of the router.
  • Now, turn on both the modem and the router.
  • After that, connect the Huawei router to your computer using an Ethernet connection.
  • Type the IP address of the Huawei router in the address section of your browser.
  • If you don’t know the exact IP address of the router, press the Windows and R buttons together to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type “cmd” in the Search section and click on the OK button.
  • When the Command Prompt window opens, type “ipconfig” and tap Enter.
  • You can view the IP address of the router in the Default Gateway section.
  • The default IP address of the Huawei router is
  • In the user login page, select the User type as Admin and enter the password. Then, click on the Login button.
  • The default password is admin for the Huawei D100 router. You can find the same on the label present at the bottom or rear side of the router.
  • Once you are on the router’s page, navigate to the Advanced Settings option on the left panel.
  • Select WLAN Settings and choose the encryption mode as WEP.
  • Ensure that the password you choose is at least eight characters long, and includes an upper case letter, lower case letter, number, and symbol for better security.
Huawei D100 Router Setup
  • Enter the password in the Network Key 1 section. Then, click on the Apply button.
  • Select Continue after three seconds to enable your network.
  • Now, you can connect to the network wirelessly.
  • To connect to the network, turn on Wi-Fi from your device.
  • Choose your wireless network from the displayed list.
  • Type the password of the Wi-Fi network and click on the Connect button.
  • Your device will now be connected to the Wi-Fi network. In this way, You can easily perform Huawei D100 Router Setup.

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