Update Firmware on Motorola Router

Updating the firmware of your Motorola router is easy if you follow the guidelines given below. Before you update the firmware, you have to download the update file to your system. So make sure you have it. Else, go to the official site and download it. Check if you have the username and password of the web interface before proceeding with the setup process. It is available at the back of the router or in the documentation that came along with the router. Make sure you have Internet access to update the firmware of your router. If you have all these requirements, then proceed to the firmware update process of the Motorola router.

How To Update Firmware On Motorola Router


How to update firmware on Motorola router MG7550

Like any software, with time, the firmware on MG7550 can become outdated. You can update the firmware on your Motorola MG7550 router by following the guidelines mentioned below.

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Before proceeding with the guidelines mentioned below, make sure you have a stable power connection on your computer. Also, make sure that there is an active internet connection.

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How Do I Update My Router Firmware?

  • To update your router firmware, you have to download the latest version of the firmware from the official site or trusted source.
  • Log into the router’s administrative page to access the admin settings.
  • Make sure to connect your computer to the router and open a default browser on your system ( Windows or Mac).
  • Type the IP address in the search bar of the browser and click the Enter button.
  • Enter the password & username of the admin user on the router’s login page when prompted.
  • Click the Login button. Click the Settings tab and select the Update Software or select Management followed by Update Software.
  • Wait for the update process to complete.
  • Once the firmware is updated to the latest version, the router will reboot automatically.
  • Now your router firmware is updated to the latest version successfully.

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