Before you update your D-Link Router, download the Firmware from the official site. Make sure that you do not update your D-Link device over a wireless connection and follow how to update d-link router firmware. Power on your router. Connect your Router and PC via a wired connection. Visit the configuration page of the Router and click the Tools tab to select the Firmware option on the left-side bar. Upload the Firmware Upgrade File on the page and wait until the process is complete. Make sure that you do not turn the Router off before the update process ends.

How to Update DLink?

You can go through the steps below to update the D-Link router.

how to update dlink

How to Update a D-Link Router?

Updating the D-Link Router is an effortless job. Turn on the device and wait for the light on the Router to flash.

D-Link Router Setup Configuration

Make sure you perform the Reset function to restore the device to factory default settings before you begin the configuration process.

How do I Update my D-Link DIR 615 Firmware?

Follow the below steps to update the D-Link DIR 615 Firmware.

How to Update D-Link Firmware DIR 655?

To update the D-Link Firmware DIR 655, download the recent Firmware option from the manufacturer'S website.

D-Link DWR-921 Firmware Update

How to Update D-Link 2730u Firmware?

Head to the manufacturer's site and look for a recent Firmware for download.

How to Update DLink DSL-2750 Firmware Update?

How to update d-link 320l firmware

how to update d-link router firmware

How to Update Dlink 868l Firmware

How Do I Know If My Router Needs To Be Updated?

How Do I Update My Dlink Camera Firmware?

Should I Update My Router Firmware?

  • If your router encounters an issue, you need to update it.
  • Updating the device will surely help to fix the problems.
  • If you wish to upgrade the router, it is suggested to check the version of the firmware.
  • It is very easy to update the router's firmware while following How to update dlink.
  • To increase the performance and signal strength of the device, you can update the firmware.
  • Search with your router model number on our website for how to update d-link router firmware, to update its firmware.

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