How To Turn Off Wps On Dlink Router?

How To Turn Off Wps On Dlink Router?

In this web page you will learn how to turn off wps on dlink router. Have you heard people saying that it is easy to connect a printer to Wi-Fi? Yes, the wireless setup is easy to perform and there are many ways for this. One such method is WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This method is available in almost all wireless routers. To use the WPS method to perform the Wi-Fi connection setup, first, you need to enable the WPS option on your smartphone, computer, or printer. As soon as you enable it, press the WPS button on your router. Now, your computer or smartphone will try to detect the wireless network available within its range and connect to it. The best thing about the WPS function is that you don’t need to enter the wireless network’s SSID and password manually in the given fields. Even if the WPS method helps you to perform the wireless setup easily, it may also leave your Wi-Fi network vulnerable to security risks. To avoid this situation, many people prefer disabling WPS. Based on each router model, the process to disable WPS will vary. The instructions given below explain how to turn off WPS on DLink router. You can use the D-Link router’s GUI page to turn off its WPS function.

Simple Steps To Disable WPS On DLink Router

  • In your browser, type the D-Link router’s IP address or URL code to open its administration console.
  • Type your router’s admin credentials in the given fields and click Sign in or Log in.
  • Once you reach the router’s GUI page, go to the Setup tab.
  • Click Wireless and navigate to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup section.
  • Now, deselect the Enable option below the WPS section and click the Save Settings button.
  • After your router restarts, try to perform the Wi-Fi setup via WPS. 
  • If the Wi-Fi setup fails, then it means that the WPS feature has been disabled successfully on your D-Link router.

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