How to Turn a Netgear Router into a Wireless Adapter

How to turn a Netgear router into a wireless adapter, you should use your router in bridge mode. Doing this will allow you to connect multiple devices at a much faster speed.

Convert Netgear Router Into A Wireless Adapter

Installing the Netgear router as a bridge also offers other perks like,

  • It takes advantage of gigabyte Wi-Fi speed on devices that do not support the gigabyte Wi-Fi.
  • You can put good use of the gigabyte Wi-Fi for applications to stream videos and gaming.
  • You can connect devices like NAT, smart TV,blue-ray player, or a game console at gigabyte speed levels using the Wi-Fi link.
  • The bridge helps in avoiding usage of different Wi-Fi adapters for each particular device.

You can setup the Netgear router as an adapter/bridge mode using how to turn a Netgear router into a wireless adapter guide, and since it is a wireless setup, you can move it to a different location where your entertainment center or the gaming device is set. You can connect to these above devices using the Ethernet cable. The connection enables a quick fast Wi-Fi speed than they are supposed to support.

how to turn a netgear router into a wireless adapter

Follow the below how to turn a Netgear router into a wireless adapter steps to set your Netgear router as a wireless adapter or set it into bridge mode as they are called.

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