How To Speed Up D Link Router?

how to speed up D Link router

Having a network router with good speed always makes your online work easy. The latest routers have new features that can help in improving the speed of the network. If you are using a D-Link router and want to enhance its network speed, this page will help you. Firstly, think about what interrupts the network/internet speed. There are many reasons like a physical barrier, router configuration, number of devices connecting to the network, etc. Continue reading to learn how to speed up D Link router.

1. Re-position the router

  • Long-distance, obstructing objects, and electronics affect the wireless network of the router.
  • Make sure you find a place where it can broadcast the Wi-Fi signal in all directions without any interference.
  • If your router has antennas, direct them to the area where you need the concentrated network.
  • Place one antenna in a vertical position, and the other horizontally to cover the entire building.

2. Prioritize network traffic

  • By prioritizing the network bandwidth, you can improve the speed. It is efficient when you are doing multiple works online.
  • The below steps will help you to set the Quality of Service (QoS) settings on the D-Link router.
  • On the router configuration page, click the Advanced tab and select QoS Engine from the left panel.
  • Tick the checkbox of Enable QoS, set the Uplink Speed (Uploading), and Downlink Speed (downloading) as desired, which depends on your internet speed.
  • Click the Strict Priority Queue to make the router follow the priority format to speed up D Link router.

3. Use faster DNS server

  • Not all Internet Service Providers provide you the best DNS server. You can get the faster DNS server online, so get a better DNS server and modify the router settings.
  • Otherwise, visit the router configuration page, select Internet in the Setup panel.
  • Select Manual Internet Connection Setup to edit the settings.
  • Under Static IP Address Internet Connection Type set Primary DNS Server to “” and then enter “” for Secondary DNS Server.
  • Click the Save Settings button.
  • Restart the router to apply the settings and reconnect to Wi-Fi.

4. Update the router firmware

  • Installing the latest firmware version can improve the router performance. Sometimes updates can introduce bugs and technical issues as well, so backup the router and then proceed with the firmware update.
  • Click the Tools tab on the router interface and choose Firmware from the left panel.
  • Select Check now to find the latest firmware and follow the instruction to update the firmware and the speed up D Link router.

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