How To Setup VPN Server on Asus Router?

Use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you want to hide your network and device identity. There are many VPN services available, but if you do not want to pay, set up your own VPN server. By using the VPN service, you can access the online content from anywhere. VPN encrypts the IP address, hides your geographical location, and uses a virtual location to gain access to the web information. Read more on how to setup VPN server on Asus router.

Setting up a VPN Server On Asus Router

setup VPN server on Asus router


  • The VPN client encrypts data using MPPE encryption settings.
  • In the Client IP address field, enter a range of IP addresses where 10 is the maximum limit.
  • Below that, enter the User Name and Password and click the ‘encircled plus’ symbol to add.
  • Click Apply to save the settings.
  • Now, you need to know the WAN address to access the VPN server.
  • On the left panel, click Network Map under Quick Internet Setup and select Internet Status.
  • Write down the WAN IP address and use it to access the VPN server after setup VPN server on Asus router.

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