How To Setup Vpn On Technicolor Router?

how to setup VPN on Technicolor router

Virtual Private Network enables you to access the internet securely through a private channel and encrypts the user information. It fakes the original geographical location of the device and makes it look like it is present at some other location. any wireless routers support the VPN, and you also have many third-party VPN services. Read more to know how to setup VPN on Technicolor router.

For Technicolor CGM4231 router:

  • Turn on the router and connect a computer to the router network and to know how to setup VPN on Technicolor router.
  • Launch a web browser, input the router IP address in the address bar, and press Enter.
  • When the router’s login page shows up, enter the default Username and Password, which are ‘admin’ and ‘password,’ respectively. In case you had changed the login credentials, then use them to log in.
  • Once the router’s web interface opens up, click on the Security tab, and then click VPN.
  • Click the ‘plus’ symbol to create a new VPN tunnel on the router’s network.
  • Next, click the toggle switch near Enable to turn on the VPN tunnel.
  • Give a name to the VPN tunnel and enter the local user IP address under Local Secure Group.
  • If there is a subnet mask, click Enable and then enter the subnet mask of the local user IP address.
  • Input the remote LAN user under Remote Secure Group.
  • After that, enter the Remote Secure Gateway Key Management address, which maintains the automatic and manual key management.
  • If the automatic key management is chosen, then the Internet Key Exchange will be used for Security Association.
  • Below Key Management, set the exchange method, encryption algorithm, authentication algorithm, Pre-Shared Key, and Key Lifetime menus after to know how to setup VPN on Technicolor router.

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