How To Setup Asus Router Rt N12

Asus RT N12 is a unique router designed to perform give wired and wireless network connections for network-enabled devices. The minimum speed of this router is 300 Mbps. Asus RT N12 is suitbale for both business and home-office use. This router’s manual set up is quite easy and simple to perform with the help of a web graphics user interface (web GUI). You can configure this router in three modes; Router mode i.e., IP Sharing, Repeater, and Access Point (AP) mode.The first two modes i.e., Router mode and Repeater, can be configured through the Quick Internet Setup, and the third one Access Point (AP) can be set up via the web GUI. The how to setup Asus router rt n12 section below covers almost all the information about the Asus router RT N12 starting from its set up guide to installing the utilities.

Asus Router Rt N12 Setup

Components inside the router’s package :

  • You can find the components such as a power adapter *1, support CD (manual and utilities) *1, R- J45 cable *1, Detachable antenna *2, quick start guide *1, and RT- N12 wireless router *1.

Required System compatibility

how to set up asus router rt n12

Configuring your Asus RT N12 router in Router mode via QIS:

Configuring your Asus wireless router in Repeater mode (QIS):

    Setting up your Asus router in AP mode:

  • You have to make use of Device Discovery utility provided on your Asus router’s support CD.
  • The WAN IP address received by your Asus router is sent from the WAN port it is connected to.
  • This how to setup Asus router rt n12 method also the NAT, firewall, and IP Sharing services are disabled.
  • Get another wireless router and three Ethernet cables.
  • Enable the Repeater mode on your Asus router.
  • Connect the second wireless router and the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Using another Ethernet cable, connect the second wireless router and your Asus RT N12 router.
  • Then, connect the Asus router and your computer using a different Ethernet cable.
  • Insert the support CD of your Asus router.
  • Launch the Device Discovery Utility on your computer.
  • Select the Device from the displayed list.
  • Click the Configure button.
  • Now, the web GUI service will be initiated.
  • In the Connect to… dialog box, enter your Asus router’s username and password.
  • Click the OK button to complete Asus rt n12 router setup.
  • Now, the web interface of your Asus router will open.
  • By following how to setup Asus router rt n12 guide, Set the wireless network preferences as per your need and click the Save button.

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