Simple Steps for How to Set Security on Dlink Wireless Router

The D-Link router is a modem cum router, and it can establish a connection with your ISP on its own. But the internet provided must be known. Internet connection should be set up using the WAN port on the router and LAN port on your computer. Open a new browser tab on the your computer and enter the Default IP address of the D-link Router in the address bar. Provide the essential credentials on the login screen and proceed the steps for How to Set Security on Dlink Wireless Router. The default router password of the router is blank and the default username is Admin. After you log in, the Internet Connection Wizard will start. This wizard opens only for the first time login. Configure your internet connection. Finally, click Connect and save the settings.

How to Change D-Link Router Password

  • It is essential to keep your router secured using the Security Mode. Once you have enabled the Security mode on the router, you will require a password to connect to it.
  • Log into the router setup page to edit the security settings while following How to Set Security on Dlink Wireless Router.
  • Open your web browser and type "" in the URL field. The administrator login page will appear. Provide the necessary credentials.
  • Click the Wireless Settings option.
  • Click the Security Mode option. From the list of modes, select an appropriate security mode for your router.
  • Mostly, Microsoft recommends using WPA2.
  • Type a passphrase into the "Passphrase" Field. Click the "Save" button.
  • Log out of the setup page. Try to connect your device to the router.
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