How To Set DNS On Asus Router?

The Domain Name System (DNS) automatically converts the domain names into an IP address on your Wi-Fi network. Setting up a public DNS server will not change other settings configured on your Wi-Fi router. Now, are you looking for the quick steps to set up DNS on your Asus router? The section below explains the process of setting up DNS on an Asus router. Keep reading!

Setting Up DNS On Asus Router

Set DNS On Asus Router
  • Next, enter the DNS server address in the DNS Server 1 and DNS Server 2 fields.
  • If you wish to set up the public DNS servers (Google DNS), enter ‘’ in the DNS Server 1 field and enter ‘’ in the DNS Server 2 field.
  • It is recommended to block the Google DNS on your router.
  • To do so, click the LAN tab from the Advanced Settings menu in the left-side panel.
  • Note down the LAN IP and click the Route tab in the left-side panel.
  • Check the Enable Static Routes checkbox and enter ‘’ in the Network/Host IP field.
  • Enter ‘’ in the Netmask field and type your LAN IP address in the Gateway field.
  • Select LAN in the Interface field and choose ‘2’ in the Metric field.
  • Click the Add icon and configure the secondary Google DNS.
  • Click the Apply button and test the static routes to check if the Google DNS has been blocked.
  • After set DNS on Asus router, restart your router.

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