How To Reset Xfinity Router?

How To Reset Xfinity Router?

Are you encountering a choppy internet connection or is your internet not working at all? And you want to know how to reset xfinity router? This is the article just for you! When it comes to routers, there is always less chance that you will face issues with the performance. If you are using an Xfinity router, there too, you might experience some connectivity issues. The best and the possible solution is to simply restart the router or reset the Xfinity router to its factory settings.The exact steps to reset the router will vary from one Xfinity router to another. For Xfinity routers, resetting the device will wipe off all the existing passwords, network names, login information, and the devices connected to it. In this Xfinity troubleshooting article, you will read the simple steps on how to reset the Xfinity router. There are two different methods to do it.

Method 1: Reset Xfinity Router Using The Mobile App

Let’s assume you have the Xfinity My Account app on your smartphone.

  • Open the My Account app on your smartphone.
  • At the bottom left section of the app, tap the Overview option.
  • IPv6 firewall
How To Reset Xfinity Router To Factory Default?
  • Select your wireless gateway (your network).
  • Scroll down to the Support section.
How To Reset My Xfinity Router?
  • Select the Restart this device option.
  • Tap Restart Device.

The restart process will take around 5-10 minutes. The Xfinity router will be reset.

How Do I Reset Xfinity Router?

Method 2: Reset From The Power Source

  • With the Xfinity router powered on, remove the plug from the power source.
  • Make sure it remains unplugged for a good 2-5 minutes.
How Do I Reset Xfinity Router To Factory Default?
  • Once done, connect the router plug back to the power source.
  • The Xfinity router will be reset once it powers on.

If you want to know more on how to reset xfinity router, and if you are facing xfinity router not working after reset issue, click the CALL button to speak to our technical team. Our team will be elated to assist you regarding the issue.

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