The Westell router has to be reset if you want to configure the settings on it newly. If you do not remember your router's username or password, then you will be advised to reset your router. Once you reset the router, the default network settings values will be restored, and the username and password will also change. After resetting, you have to use the default credentials to log into your interface. You have to reconfigure all the router settings. Follow the instructions below to reset your router.

How to Reset Westell 7500 Router


Resetting my Westell Versalink 7500 gateway to ITD factory settings?

Westell 7500 Router Default Password

  • By default, the password is Password and the username is admin. But if you wish to access the WEP Encryption key, follow the guidelines mentioned below.
  • Open any web browser and key in in the address field.
  • On the Login page, type the username and enter the password in its appropriate fields.
  • In case you have forgotten the username and password, you will have to restore your router to the factory default settings
  • Now, click Wireless Settings followed by Basic Security Setting.
  • Note the following data WEP Key Entry Type, WEP key, and key code.

How to Connect to Westell 7500

Westell 7500 Router Setup

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How do I change the password on my Westell 7500 router?

To change the password on the Westell router, perform the steps given below.

How do I update my Westell router?

To update Westell router software, follow the instructions given below.

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