How To Lock My Netgear Router

Securing your Netgear wireless router is of the utmost importance. You can achieve this by locking your Netgear router with a personal password using the given how to lock my Netgear router procedure. You require your computer and the Netgear router along with its instruction manual.

Lock My Netgear Router

Follow the instructions given below to lock your Netgear router:

how to lock my netgear router
  • On your computer, open the default web browser. Look at the router’s instructional manual and find out the URL address for its Netgear router setup page.
  • In the web browser, enter the URL address. Now, you will see that a window appears. In this window, you will be requested to enter a username and password.
  • By making use of the username and password provided in the instruction manual, you have to sign in now and move on with how to lock my Netgear router steps.
  • The configuration page of your Netgear router will display on your screen.
  • As soon as you reach the configuration page, ensure that you change the default password. Netgear suggests that users change the default password for increased security.
  • Now, select the Administration option. At the top of your screen, you will find a space to enter a password. You will also view a place for re-entering your password for confirmation.
  • Select your SSID or the network name. Next, enable WPA2 or WEP, which is nothing but the Wi-Fi protected access encryption. Click the Apply button.
  • Save all of your settings.
  • Now, you need to select a name for your network. Choose the name such that it does not divulge (or disclose) your real name or address.
  • Now, we need to know about MAC. Almost all the wireless routers are accompanied by an option to enable MAC-filtering. This is nothing but Media Access Control-filtering.
  • It allows you to list only those computers with a particular MAC address that can be permitted to access your wireless network. To enable this feature, you need to refer to the instruction manual of your Netgear router.
  • Once you enable MAC-filtering, the locking of your Netgear router is completed.

We have now seen how to lock my Netgear router steps and thereby increase the security of your network.

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