How To Limit Bandwidth On Verizon Router

By limiting the bandwidth of the router, you can reduce the Wi-Fi speed of the router. With the below how to limit bandwidth on Verizon router procedure, you can limit the bandwidth on Verizon router.

Limit Verizon Router Bandwidth

  • On the computer’s web browser, enter the default IP address of the Verizon router and access the router’s login page and proceed with how to limit bandwidth on Verizon router steps.
  • Enter the admin password and sign in to the router’s configuration page of Verizon router setup.
  • After you enter the router’s configuration page, click the Router settings menu, which is at the left navigation menus.
  • Next, select the Advanced tab and choose Quality of Service.
  • Under Quality of Service, mark the checkbox of the Turn Internet Access QoS On and the Turn Bandwidth Control On options and then continue to change the bandwidth settings.
  • In the Uplink bandwidth Maximum category, select the lowest Kbps value from the drop-down menu to limit the bandwidth, thus reducing the internet speed.
  • Now by completing how to limit bandwidth on Verizon router steps, select the Apply button to save the bandwidth settings on the Verizon router.
how to limit bandwidth on verizon router

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