How To Install Trendnet Ac1750 Tew-824Dru Router?

how to install trendnet ac1750 tew-824dru router

TRENDnet AC1750 TEW-824DRU is a Dual Band wireless router that is suitable for optimized gaming and traffic shaping. To know how to install Trendnet Ac1750 Tew-824Dru router router, keep reading the instructions given below.

  • Before starting, verify that you have a standard Internet connection by connecting your computer directly to your modem.
  • Next, turn off your modem and disconnect the network cables from your computer to the
  • Using a network cable, connect your modem to your router’s internet port (yellow).
  • Take a standard Ethernet cable and connect your computer to one of the router LAN ports.
  • After ensuring that you have firmly connected the cables, connect the power adapter of your router to a wall outlet and proceed with how to install Trendnet Ac1750 Tew-824Dru router steps.
  • Turn on your DSL modem followed by the router.
  • Wait until the router’s power and internet lightsare turned on.
  • On your computer, launch the default browser and wait for the setup wizard to appear automatically.
  • Sometimes, the setup wizard fails to appear automatically.
  • In such cases, you have to enter the router IP address in the URL field manually and press Enter to open the login portal.
  • Enter the default login credentials such as username and password in the required fields to access your router’s setup page.
  • You can identify the default login credentials on your router’s label.
  • Click the Advanced tab and select Setup from the left-side panel.
  • Next, click the Wizard button to run the setup wizard.
  • Choose your desired language and click Next .
  • You will be asked to select your internet connection type ifthe wizard fails to detect it automatically.
  • After selecting your internet connection type, click Next .
  • Confirm the settings displayed on the summary page and click Exit to close the wizard.
  • For advanced network settings, click the Advanced tab from the left-side panel on your router’s setup page.
  • Under Setup , click on LAN Settings and configure the LAN interface and DHCP Server settings.
  • To configure the WAN connection type, DHCP setting, and DNS server settings, click the WAN Settings button from the left-side panel.
  • Make sure to click Apply after configuring the necessary router settings.
  • You have now learned how to install Trendnet Ac1750 Tew-824Dru router.

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